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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sate's origins | Indonesian foods


  Hmmm, who doesn't know the satay which has a distinctive flavor and flavor, the meat that is stabbed and cooked by roasting, all served with the chicken spice flavored.



Satay also has several types, namely:

  • Chicken satay
  • Goat satay
  • Cow satay
  • Buffalo satay

Do you know the origin of the satay? Let's discuss it here.
  Initially, the Indonesian people cooked meat by boiling it. But after getting to know kebabs which are typical Middle Eastern dishes, Indonesian people also like to eat beef or mutton by burning. This became the beginning of satay as a favorite food of Indonesian people at that time. The word satay is also thought to come from the Tamil language, namely catai which means meat.

  Satay develops in all regions of Indonesia. Even in every region in Indonesia has a typical type of satay. Well, in the 19th century the satay spread to the South African region, in this country satay is called sosatie. In some countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand satay is also commonly found, not least because many migrants from Java sell satay there.

Okay so discussion for satay

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