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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Seblak's origins | Indonesian foods

Where does Seblak food come from?

  Which Bandung residents don't know right now? Spicy snacks with a strong aroma of  kaempferia galanga have indeed become excellent nowadays.

Where does Seblak come from? Review of the origin of Seblak food

  Along with the rise in popularity, do you know where the seblak came from? Seblak is a typical Bandung snack that is actually similar to food from the Sumpiuh area, Central Java, Indonesia.

  Not a few say that seblak is a snack from Central Java. This is because the background is very similar to Godog Krupuk which has been popular since the 1940s, while seblak was only popular around the 2000s.

  The owner of Nanutz Mania Riza Rizki Adhiyaksa, said that not a few people think that seblak is yellow crackers cooked with spicy flavor. In fact, seblak is the name of a spice made from kaempferia galanga in Sundanese.

  "There are those who think that it is fried crackers and tastes spicy. In fact, one of them is seasoning. Now the crackers are topping," Riza said to, Wednesday (11/04).

   Riza explained, now there are many variants. Starting from yellow crackers, macaroni, bones, tofu, meatballs, dumplings, batagor, to stick noodles. Seblak is now a food that has many fans, especially for young people in Indonesia.

  With a chewy texture, seblak is very delicious when eaten hot and spicy. It's not difficult to make a mistake. Only need to process shallots, garlic, and crushed ginger into one. Then sauteed with various topings, given water and chili.

  "I made seblak very simple. This is instant paste with a plastic cup complete with a lid and a drain. So cooking like instant noodles, just brew it," he said.

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